Specialize in 2D/3D Animation with the best professionals!

A training that will allow you to become a professional in 2D/3D Animation with the best professionals in the sector.

  • Dates: October to June

  • Studies modalities: In-class teaching and online

  • Language: Spanish

  • Duration: 1-2 years

  • Double degree: International Master

  • Crédits: 60-120 ECTS


Objetives and program

Educational goals

  • To specialize students as animators with a solid and effective technique.

  • To provide the knowledge and stimulate the skills of animated film.

  • To offer a vision of the craft of animation as an art and / or industry, applying traditional animation tools and their adaptation to new digital technologies.


  • Theoretical-practical training.

  • Reproduction of real working environment.

  • Experience of international environment.

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Academic excellence

Program based on the absolute mastery of the technical and artistic skills of an animator.

Job Market orientation

100% of our graduates are successfully integrated into the labor market at the end of their studies.

100% active teaching team

Formed by animators with a recognized trajectory that combines teaching with professional projects all over the world.

Growing industry

Infinite professional opportunities in the areas of 2D/3D Animation, 3D Generalist, Concept Art, VFX or Video Games, among others.

Practical training

Based on projects that reproduce a real studio environment and encourage teamwork.

Students projects

About L’Idem

Competitive academic formula.

Technical and artistic training to provide innovative solutions to the needs of the industry.

Customized training.

Limited places, work in small groups and individualized monitoring of students.

Dynamic educational model.

Active listening to industry's needs and developments to ensure a quality educational experience.

International school.

More than 25 years of experience training new talents in the creative arts.

Double campus.

Possibility to study between the two campuses of the school: Barcelona (Spain) and Perpignan (France).

Close relationship with the industry.

Over 1,000 international companies with an established and well recognized track are in our network.


Who is our master for?

People who want to change their future

Are you thinking of changing industry? This master's degree is designed to develop the skills necessary to work as a 2D/3D Animator at an international level.

People who want to boost their career

Take this master's degree to complement your knowledge and opt for more technical positions.

Young graduates

Did you recently graduated from university? This master's degree will equip you with the fundamental skills to start your career in 2D/3D Animation.

Price and requeriments

The overall cost of the International Master in Animation 2D/3D is 9.900€.

  • Students with a Baccalaureate or Higher Level Training Cycle Degree.

  • University Graduates.

  • Students from foreign educational systems equivalent to Baccalaureate.
  • Sending application documents to our Admissions Department.

  • Personal interview (in person or on-line).

  • Admission and reservation of place.

  • Finalization of the enrollment process.


Students who wish to finance their tuition fees can do so through Sabadell Consumer's preferential conditions.


L'Idem students can benefit from the following scholarships and study grants:

Disability, Large Family and Single-Parent Scholarship.

Excellence Scholarship.

Mobility Scholarship.